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  • Great Websites. The UI of Clicue & Hungerover is nice.
    Clearly states the expertise in you.

    - Luiz Eduardo Tomaz Pelegrini, Brazil

  • I do like your hungerover.
    I think you will have success with this site. I like the front end the 3d ball in Clicue specially. Looks cool.

    - Lloyd Hester, U.K.

  • Perfect Coming Soon page design. Loved It.

    – Daniel Garcia, U.K.

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  • Nice logo. Exactly depicted what I had in mind.

    – Daniel Garcia, U.K.

  • Great to work with, very helpful and competent.

    - Jo, U.K.

  • Nicely completed with proper communication and on schedule.

    – Lynne, U.S.A.

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It was a really interesting and satisfying experience. Nothing was too much trouble and I realised just how much preparation was required on both sides. Certainly I will use Clicue and its team again...why wouldn't I? Highly recommended. 5 stars, without doubt.

Very good work, timings were superb, contact excellent and much effort supplied which is much appreciated. They took feedback well and responded immediately. Thank you so much.

– Vivienne K. Neale, U.K.

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It’s great to have a team with such a short turnaround.
Websites are getting updated fast. Good Job.

– Matthew Wrigley, Australia

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Designs of characters and objects were provided as per the expectations which really speeded up my pre-production work. Really great job.

– Sahil Gupta, India

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Very responsive and professional!

– Richard, Composer, U.S.A.

I like the animations in your site...
They are very attractive.

– Hamid, U.S.A.

Provided plenty of ideas and samples, something that I did ask for in the job description

– Arani,U.S.A.

  • The job was finished with the great turn around time. The guys were so quick over email, skype & phone.

    - Puneet Bajaj, India

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  • You people were able to work unbelievably quick, delivered a huge task in just 5 hours !!

    - Dr.Ola Orekunrin, Nigeria

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  • Good understanding and communication. Prompt delivery.

    – Anand, India

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  • Great communication and good response

    – Iain G., U.S.A.

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  • Clicue provided me 10 draft versions for 4 flyer designs needed.Great job!

    - Luke Capon, South Africa

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  • Very patient, very thorough! Excellent job. Will work with them again.

    - Michael Temilade, Nigeria

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What we are...

Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is an information technology product, service, consulting and business solutions company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Clicue adds real value to global organizations through domain expertise plus creative solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service.

Clicue IT Solutions deals in Wearable Application Development, Prezi and Powerpoint Design & Development, Digital Advertising, 2D & 3D Animations, 2D & 3D Model Designing, Game Development, Storyboarding, Scripting, 2D & 3D Sketch Designing, Business, Promotional & Animated Video Design & Development, Search, Mobile Application Development, Website Design & Development, Marketing & PR, Content Curation, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, 2D & 3D Graphics Design, e-Commerce and Software Development.

Why the name Clicue...

The first product "Clicue - a word cloud based search engine" is a search and navigation product. So, the name Clicue comprises "cue" as search and navigation in its name.

We started with a small team size working for a common objective without the work-hour counts. This way of culture gives our company's name "Clicue" and reminds us of "clique" which means a small group of people working together for the same vision.

We have an objective to make everyone's life an e-life with just a click. That's why we pronounce "Clicue" as "Click".

Our Approach...

Agile Methodology in Action

Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd follows agile methodology as a process model

Our Culture...

The "Creators" wanted to create a new kind of company that is a total meritocracy and with the culture - "Don’t care about process. Treat everybody like an adult. Let them wear what they want, come to work when they want, work hard or work easy. Where you minimize process, you maximize outcomes."

Values and Vision...

  • People: We are formal being informal.

  • Productivity: We believe in saying no to thousands of projects so that we can develop innovative & amazing products.

  • Delivery: Deliver WOW in customer experience.

  • Collaboration: Leverage collective geeks.

  • Philosophy: I believe, you believe and now it’s time to let us believe.

  • Output: BE CEO of your own outcomes.

  • Belief: There are 2 types of people in the world... One who walks like a King & another who walks without caring who the hell is King.

Who are we?

Anil Anil Mishra - CEO & Founder, Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

CEO & Founder Anil is the mind behind Clicue. Anil is the CEO and Founder of Clicue IT Solutions. Anil is also Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at Clicue. Anil has the responsibility to lead and provide creative ideas to the Creative Team as well as whole team. Anil is responsible for Clicue IT Solutions' day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company's product development and business & technology strategies. Anil is involved in every small detail and takes care of everything that happens at Clicue. Anil also drives current and future vision of Clicue's business goals. Anil has expertise in Web, Mobile, Gaming & Animation Applications. Anil holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Graphic Era Institute of Technology. reach @ : ;

Bhanu Bhanu Gupta - Co-Founder & CTO, Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Co-Founder & CTO Bhanu Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO of Clicue IT Solutions, is responsible for taking care of all database and application related responsibilities at Clicue. Bhanu has knowledge and interest in developing stand-alone & web applications in various technologies like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento,.NET,Java,Groovy & Grails. Bhanu is a graduate in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University (PTU), Jalandhar, Punjab. reach @ :

Prateek Prateek Arya - Lead Engineer-Application Development, Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

LE - AD Prateek is Lead Engineer - Application Development at Clicue. Prateek persued his MCA from Graphic Era University, Dehradun. Prateek brings more than 2 years of experience from Graphic Era University as Lab Trainee. Prateek currently deals with development and database work related to Clicue's products. Prateek is also responsible to lead the Engineering team for the development. Prateek has knowledge and interest in developing stand-alone & web applications in various technologies like Java,Groovy & Grails. Prateek also has expertise in Prezi & Powerpoint Design. reach @ :

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